This is my OC Tana Riko, for the Touhou RP Community on Facebook~ I drew her at work yesterday- 3 or so hours, and I’m really proud of how it turned out. Do you like it? ^^

Rebootin’ in the wind ~

Just so ya all know, I’m a relatively new “Let’s Player” on the ol’ YouTube.

This here is my first attempt at real “LPing”, and I did Sonic Generations. The series is currently 10 parts, there’s still another 5 or 6 to go until I finish the main portion of the game- but in the meantime I ask for a few things from you all! 

  • Suggestions! Seriously, you want me to do more games? Check out my steam list (It’s Featured on Episode 6) and tell em what you’d love to see.
  • Feedback! Likes, comments, etc! I wanna know what I’m doing and how good I’m doing it, as well as get some shares going on so others will catch it too. Feedback is like, the best thing ever, even if it’s bad! Seriously, I’d love your opinions.
  • Discussion! I’m going to be actively expressing my opinions of games as I play, it’s ALL live commentary, unless otherwise stated! So, you agree or disagree with a point? Show me your opinion! If it’s not utterly retarded, I can respect ALL opinions as long as they are well put. I love discussion, so feel free to tell me exactly why you love Planet Wisp or hate Green Hill Zone, or go ahead and tell me how much sense it makes that Blaze is in the game! Really.. it makes no sense to me.

Feel free to contact me anywhere, whether it be on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.. whatever. Links are in the icons at the top of this blog. I hope you enjoy my videos and hape a lovely day/night~!




Anyway, maybe, perhaps. This blog is NSFW… But Pr0nz? Ha.. maybe. Maybe if you get me enough followers. -shot-

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What, you expected me to actually make a GOOD first post? Hahaha.. nah. I’m too lazy. Have an AMV I made instead

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